Undoubtedly, the amazing team at FBC is its greatest asset. Our employees are the stars that make up the great constellation of our work.

About FBC, Inc.

FBC is a professional organization dedicated to the transfer of technology and information exchange supporting the mission of federal civilian agencies and the Department of Defense.

FBC specializes in producing conferences and trade show events at and for the federal government locations throughout the United States. Each month thousands of federal employees attend FBC events to evaluate the latest dances and technology, military hardware, training, and other product areas as well as update their sources for future requirements.

Founded in 1976, FBC has facilitated more than 4000 on-site expositions and conferences for the Department of Defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies. FBC produces multiple types of events. On-site agency expositions are held at the government location. These are usually four hours long and are primarily exhibits with the agency personnel attending.

Special events and conferences are expositions connected to a themed federal or DOD conference. These are usually multi-day and are held off-site. FBC special events and conferences are agency mission specific attendees consist of agency personnel from across the country related to the theme.

Working With FBC, Inc.

Whether your event mission is to deliver a message to other agencies and potential industry users or educate and train your workforce, FBC will work closely with you to create the ideal conference and exposition program. With over 30 years of experience, we bring our vast knowledge and industry relationships to enhance your event.

If your agency seeks to share information with internal personnel, other agencies, or industry, FBC helps you meet your goals and deliver results by bringing the marketplace to you in an efficient on-site expo. These events are ideal for providing interface opportunities between your organization and the private sector.

FBC will manage your conference (classified or unclassified) from start to finish through our GSA schedule contract, inexpensive contracting vehicle, or no-cost MOU. Alternatively, you can also select specific tasks for us to manage through any of the options above to complement your event planning process. FBC takes care of the details while allowing you to stay focused on the overall goals of the conference. We'll come to you for an on-site meeting at your agency to learn more about your event needs and expectations, put together a plan of action, and get started on your event right away!